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Poetic Flower Seed Collection


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Introduce a little beauty in to your life everyday. Our curated collection of seeds is inspired by flowers in poetry. Wrapped in sumptuous printed rag paper, featuring vintage illustrations, the set includes one packet each of:

Heartease, in bright violet and yellow. Flowers April to September.

Forget Me Not. Pretty and intensely blue petals, they'll add a wild woodland feel to cut flower arrangements. Flowers April to June biennially.

Love in A Mist. With bushy petals in blues and white, these blooms add a delicate touch to cut flower arrangements. Flowers from May to June.

Night Flowering Catchfly. In vintage creams, whites and pinks, these flower petals open out in the evening. A good selection for those who enjoy midsummer alfresco entertaining. Flowers from July to September.

All easily grown from seed sown in the Spring.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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