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Japanese Flower Seed Collection


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Introduce a little beauty into your life everyday. Our curated collection of seeds is inspired by flowers in Japanese culture. Wrapped in printed paper featuring vintage illustrations, the set includes one packet each of:

Japanese Anemone, which flowers as delicate petals in pretty pinks. Brilliant for adding late summer foliage and colour, this anemone will send up a succession of flowers from July onwards and will grow in sunny, shaded, coastal and even North-facing gardens. Flowers from July to September.

Oriental Poppy, which flowers as large crepe paper petals in crimson and salmon rose, with pepper-pot middles. A good pick-me-up for borders, plant where you want vibrant colour and a bit of exuberance. Flowers from May to July.

Hollyhock Chater's Double. It's impossible to ignore these riotous, ruffled, flamboyant blooms. Such an attention seeker. Important in Japanese culture, where they are known as 'Aoi' (), they make for a dramatic cut flower indoors as well. Flowers from June to August. Don’t forget to stake these, they need a bit of support to hold up all those amazing blooms.

Agastache AKA the 'Wrinkled Giant Hyssop' . Native to Japan, these aromatic purple flowers are very attractive to bees. Rumour has it they can also induce catnip-like effects on your feline friends...

All easily grown from seed sown in the Spring, they will grow in the U.K.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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