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If you have just discovered us, a warm welcome.

Think of us as your upmarket general store, with an international goods aisle and a pets section thrown in for good measure.

We're Sarah and Arthur, and we run the emporium from London town. Having earned our crusts in retail, running the Monocle webshop and sourcing for some of the major gallery shops in London, we have the inside knowledge on where to find the best gifts across the globe. The hard-to-find, the new releases, the limited editions, the stuff which no-one else has. We pride ourselves on selling exclusive products, and we stock only goodies which we have and we want in our own lives. From traditional Japanese brooms to brassy Italian stationery to wooden spoons hand-carved in an English forest, we've found it and now you can find it here too.


Found, wrapped, delivered, it's yours!


Want to get in touch? To talk to two real humans, Arthur (the stationery obsessive) and Sarah (more on the brassy Italian side), then please do email us on hello@foundland.com. Alternatively you can write to us at Foundland, 98 Weston Park, London N8 9PP.

We'll aim to get back to you straight away.

Chat to us about the weather, cats or even our products. You love shopping, we love shopping. See, we already have so much to talk about.