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Okahijiki Seeds


Beautifully packaged seeds to start your own Asian kitchen garden, featuring artwork by the eminent 19th Century botanist Iwasaki Tsunemasa.

One of Japan’s oldest vegetables, Okahijiki naturally grows wild in salty marshes and coastal areas. Its leaves are crispy and peppery with a salty tang. A great accompaniment to fish. Eat raw in salads or harvest early when the stems are tender and sauté briefly in butter as a crispy garnish. Okahijiki pairs well with vinegar, soy sauce and sesame oil.

It’s almost impossible to buy this vegetable fresh in the UK and it’ll add some authentic flavour to your Asian cooking.

Sow outdoors in the Spring after the last frost. Can be watered with ordinary or salt water.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

Delivery to UK only

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