Image of Negishi Chooro Watering Can Copper

Negishi Chooro Watering Can Copper


A brass watering can made by renowned Japanese metalworkers Negishi, suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants.

Each piece is hand soldered and hand crafted in the Sumida area of Tokyo by this small family-run business, which started off specialising in metalwork used on the roof of shrines.

Their watering cans have a particular following amongst bonsai enthusiasts who travel from around the world to buy them.

Their unique design is intended to emulate natural rainfall. The name ‘Chooro’ is a a play on words, ‘jōro’ じょうろ meaning ‘watering can’ but also something more ephemeral, like ‘rain dew’, and ‘chisai’ meaning ‘small’.

This design has come through a process of trial and error, with a long silhouette best designed for carefully watering bonsai and delicate plants, protecting the branches, leaves and moss. The Chooro Watering Can pours water with Negishi’s signature gentle rain effect. Feel nature in your hand as you water your green friends.

The soldering marks are made intentionally visible. Each piece is made by melting solder over hot 1300 degree coals and flowing it over the metal’s surface. It’s a process which requires skill and experience, and each watering can takes nearly half a day to complete. Only a few can be made every day and so they’re available in limited supply.

Comes with two interchangeable spouts: one for more accurate pouring, and one for a more ‘rainfall’ effect. The handle positioning also allows for better grip from a distance, so that you don’t have to get your face actually in the plant.

For longevity, don’t leave water to stand in the can for a long period of time. As this is copper, it will develop a lovely natural patina over time.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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