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Cocktail Botanical Seed Collection


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A collection of seeds to grow your own botanicals, with flavours as recommended by the world’s leading bartenders. Mix, infuse or garnish to add a new dimension to cocktails. Wrapped in sumptuous printed rag paper, featuring vintage illustrations, the set includes one packet each of:

Cucamelon Seeds: looks like a Lilliputian melon and tastes like a refreshing, citrusy cucumber. A talking-point when added to gin & tonic and martinis or served on the side.

Borage Seeds: bees love this pretty, edible, flowering plant. Use to garnish cocktails or for its fresh cucumber-like taste to liven up a Pimms, gin & tonic or Garden Gimlet. Bonus: the star-like flowers retain their striking blue colour when frozen in ice cubes.

Spearmint Seeds: with dark green, sweetly aromatic leaves, used extensively in the Mojito, Mint Julep, Old Cuban, Mai Tai and Ginger Rogers.

Lavender Seeds: muddle lavender in to a Lemon Drop, infuse in gin or boil with sugar and water to create a lavender syrup for Lavender Collins.

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