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Chanko Nabe Seed Collection


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A collection of seeds to start your own Asian kitchen garden, featuring artwork by the eminent 19th Century botanist Iwasaki Tsunemasa and ukiyo-e printmaker Utagawa-Kunisada.

Chanko nabe is a super nutritious hotpot eaten by sumo in Japan, filled with all kinds of vegetables, noodles and lean proteins in a rich dashi soup or chicken broth. This collection contains seeds to grow classic chanko nabe vegetables, or you could make ramen or shabu shabu, another hotpot dish where you cook the ingredients at the table.

The set contains one packet each of:

Komatsuna: hardy and mustardy green leaves which grow spicier with maturity.

An old Japanese favourite, Tokyo bunching onions. They grow long and mild.

Samurai Red Carrot Seeds. They have bright red skin, sweet pink flesh and hold their colour well in cooking. Taste sweeter than your average European carrot and are full of the antioxidant lycopene.

Osaka Purple which are mustardy, large purple leaves which grow spicier with age.

It’s tricky to otherwise buy these vegetables fresh in the UK and it’ll add some authentic flavour to your Asian cooking.

All easily grown from seed sown in the Spring.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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