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Japanese Hawk Claw Seeds


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For those short on outdoor space, grow your own edible plants indoors. ‘Indoor-ables’, as we like to call them. Harvest your own Takanotsume aka Japanese Chilli Pepper.

Intensely hot, these speciality chilli peppers are also called “Hawk Claw” because of their talon shape. In Japan, they’re used fresh to add fiery heat to curries and soups, and when dried are ground over hot udon noodle dishes.

It’s almost impossible to buy this seasoning fresh in Europe and it’ll add some authentic Japanese flavour to sushi, salads, curries and stir fries.

Wrapped and tied in the style of a traditional Japanese rice bag, the growing kit includes potting mix, seeds and instructions, all ready to go. Start to grow inside the bag and once established, the plant can be easily transplanted to larger pots. It is fairly low maintenance and quite easy to grow.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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