Image of Shuro Long-Handled Body Brush

Shuro Long-Handled Body Brush


A cleansing and massaging body brush, ideal for revitalising dry and tired skin and stimulating the circulation.

It’s made from shuro, aka soft woven palm fibres, with a long Japanese cypress handle. Since shuro is so fine, it’s gentle enough to use directly on the skin. This body brush can be used dry to exfoliate elbows, knees and heels or, for a refreshing body massage, apply soap and slowly work into a lather on your skin.

It’s long-handled to reach even those tricky angles on your back.

Made by the hands of master craftsmen at the Takada Tawashi atelier in Japan. They’re the experts: the workshop has been crafting shuro brushes in their Wakayama workshop for over 70 years, techniques passed down generation to generation.

Measures approx. 40cm long.

For longevity, allow the brush to dry out between uses in a non-humid environment (but not in direct sunlight).

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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