Image of Sawara Bath Bowl with Handle

Sawara Bath Bowl with Handle


With over three thousand hot spring baths (onsens) in the country, the Japanese way of living is steeped in the culture of bathing. Onsens are viewed as a way of purifying the body and soul and a bath bowl (‘oke’) is traditionally used to wash and rinse off the body just before entering the bath.

Our handcrafted oke is made in Japan from traditional Japanese sawara wood: revered for its natural antibacterial properties, aromatic citrus scent and strong resistance to humidity and mould. Sawara is characterised by a warm colour and distinctive straight grain. It’s also light and water resistant, making it ideal for use in the bathroom or sauna.

This bath bowl is complemented by copper rings and the handle makes it easy to hold and pour water.

Measures approx. 23cm tall including handle. These sawara wood products are uncoated and untreated to bring out their best features, and there will be variations in grain and sap. While sawara is naturally resistant to water and mould, to keep the bath bowl at its best we recommend wiping with a dry cloth after each use. Leave to dry in a well-ventilated area. If treated correctly, sawara wood products can last a very long time.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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