Image of Miniature Wooden Vases: Gunnar Nylund Collection

Miniature Wooden Vases: Gunnar Nylund Collection


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We discovered these pint-sized vases in Japan; their large presence in the room betrays their miniature size. Nagoya-based craftsman Takeru Arimitsu hand-turns each piece to express the beauty in the wood, the individual grain, burl and tone, making each vase unique. That’s some sleight of hand, given that each pot is only a few centimeters tall.

The shapes are inspired by Modernist Japanese and European design. The curvy, bulbous shapes remind us of the work of 20th Century ceramicist Gunnar Nylund.

Individual pieces sit on the tip of the finger, position them together for magical effect.

Each piece is a few centimeters tall, a perfect bud vase for dried stems.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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