Image of Wakaba Bud Vase

Wakaba Bud Vase


We’re delighted to bring Japanese potter Aya Ogawa’s ceramics to the UK. Having studied under veteran potter Eric Landon, Aya handcrafts each unique piece in her Tokyo studio.

In Japanese there is a word 幸 (sachi) which translates as good fortune, and happy accidents. Aya’s craft embraces such serendipity, the unpredictability of nature and how it expresses itself differently for every piece. The unexpected expression of the glaze, because the kiln has changed, the season has changed, the atmosphere has changed, the makeup of the clay has changed. Each piece captures clay and nature at a certain time and place. And in turn a vase, and its blooms, introduce nature into a space. Nature and pottery and the hand of the potter become inextricably intertwined.

Contrary to its diminutive size, each vase projects its presence and warmth into the room. They’re pint size and in thrall to the seasons.

‘Wakaba’ in Japanese means ‘young leaf’. Aya applies the organic dripping glaze to reflect baby leaves in the forest.

“I can see a big persimmon tree from the window of my atelier. The young, yellowish-green leaves grow to be deep green from spring to summer and turn to incomparable colours in autumn. All the leaves, the colours are different. They are still beautiful even after dying and falling from the trees. They teach me the beauty of leaves.”

Measures approx. 11cm tall. As each piece is individually handmade the colours and shaping may vary slightly from the image shown.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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