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Yunohana Japanese Hot Spring Bath Soak


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A jar of pure yunohana 湯の花, a natural crystalline powder extracted from hot springs in Japan and renowned for its beneficial health properties in onsen (indoor) and rotenburo (outdoor) hot spring baths.

Hot springs with yunohana deposits are a destination in Japan; these crystals turn bathwater milky white and mineral rich. Yunohana is known for assisting the body’s natural lymphatic drainage, improving blood circulation and providing relief from neuralgia, muscular aches, fatigue and sensitive skin.

It’s also known as ‘hot spring flowers’ because of its flower or snowflake shape when the crystals are first extracted. It’s even famous in Japanese folk songs: “flowers bloom in hot bath water’.

Simply dissolve 2 - 3 teaspoons of this pure yunohana from Kusatsu in your bathwater to recreate the Japanese onsen experience at home. Use ½ – 1 teaspoon of powder for a footbath.

Suitable for adults and children. 200g.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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