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Lucky Number Eight Chopsticks Natural Lacquer


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A pair of chopsticks and rest individually handmade by craftsmen at Hyozaemon, Japan. Each set is made from wood, meaning they’re safe for everyone to use to eat.

Hyozaemon chopsticks are so fancy they were presented as Japan’s gift to world leaders at the 42nd G7 summit, if you’re into that kinda thing.

This pair is made from natural lacquered wood. They’re octagonal in shape, with 8 carved sides, which is good for grip and auspicious: the letter 八 meaning ‘eight’ in Japanese is regarded as lucky. With a message on the box wishing future prosperity, these also make for a thoughtful gift.

For longevity we recommend hand washing only. The chopsticks measure approx 23cm long.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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