Image of Tortoise Oroshigane Grater

Tortoise Oroshigane Grater


Orishigane graters are great. A staple in Japanese kitchens, they grate more finely than typical Western graters and make short work of garlic, horseradish, daikon, radish, wasabi, lemongrass, ginger, nutmeg and chillies.

Each piece is individually handmade in Saitama by Oya Seisakusho, established in 1949. The copper is hardened by hammering, then tin-plated and cut into a traditional tortoise shape. Finally the teeth are hand sawed and lifted.

The very sharp and small blades mean it cuts rather than crushes your food, retaining the texture and flavour. Rub your vegetables in a circular motion to make fine pastes.

These blades are sharp! Take care.

For longevity we recommend hand washing.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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