Image of Karesansui Moss Garden Kit

Karesansui Moss Garden Kit


A kit to create your own tabletop version of a karesansui 枯山水 or Japanese rock garden. This gardening style is founded on Zen principles, using raked sand to represent ripples in water. You can view karesansui at temples across Kyoto, most famously at Ryōan-ji.

Using only a few elements to depict ‘sansui’, or a ‘scenery of mountains and rivers’, styling this dry landscape is a serene activity. It’s very meditative, ignoring your emails to carefully arrange rocks, sand and moss as an expression of nature and the universe.

This miniature karesansui is particularly special: it features a unique type of freeze-dried moss, from the base of Mount Fuji. This raw green moss is frozen at its most beautiful time.

Containing everything you need to create your own karesansui world, the kit also comes with white sand, lava rocks from Mount Fuji and two types of ‘kumade 熊手’ or rake, to make patterns in the sand, a set exclusive to Foundland.

Measures approx. 22 x 10 x 3cm.

The beauty of this freeze-dried moss is that you don’t need to water it. You should however place your garden in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight for longevity. Each kit contains unique pieces of moss; enjoy the colours changing over time as it ages.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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