Image of Bauhaus Birdhouse

Bauhaus Birdhouse


For only the most discerning sparrows, these architectural birdhouses are designed in the spirit of the Bauhaus.

Perfect to have little parties and show off their classy designer pad to the other birds.

Dream dinner party guests include Sir Christopher Wren, Taylor Swift, Alan Partridge, Russell Crow(e), Eddie the Eagle, Gregory Peck and Florence Nightingale.

These birdhouses can be used either as a feeder in the winter or as a nesting box for small birds in the spring. Designed with the help of Swedish ornithologists, there’s climbing notches on the inside so that chicks can reach the exit when it’s time to learn how to fly. Cute!

The house comes as an easy-to-assemble kit.

Can be mounted onto a pole, a wall or a tree. Comes with a wall bracket and screws.

Painted using environmentally-friendly and non-toxic paints.

Measures approx. 22cm tall.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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