Image of Japanese Hiba Bath Soak Small

Japanese Hiba Bath Soak Small


Hiba cypress trees are revered in Japan; hiba is also used extensively in Japanese baths. Steep a sealed bag of these wonderfully fragrant hiba chips into your warm bath to recreate the onsen experience. The wood releases a scent of warm, citrusy cypress, carrying you away to the calm of the forest. You’ll want to stay in forever!

This wood is known for its natural antibacterial properties and strong resistance to humidity and mould, so you can reuse the bag multiple times. Just let it dry out after each use.

It’s also a brilliant natural insect repellent, and a great solution for musty cupboards and drawers. You can even use these chips to deodorise stinky shoes- they’ll last about 2-3 weeks.

These chips have been from offcuts of hiba wood, promoting sustainable forestry.

Keep the chips in the bag when in the bath.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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