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Washi Beanie: Grey

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A knitted beanie with ribbed British wool on the outside to keep your head all toasty, and lined with absorbent washi (Japanese paper) threads woven with antibacterial Kumazasa plant fibers. While paper is considered a disposable material in many Western societies, washi is revered in Japan for its durability and strength. Natural and gentle to skin, washi is super absorbant, with twice the absorbency of cotton, meaning your head stays warm, dry and comfortable.

Meanwhile the Kumazasa plant has been prized for centuries for its beneficial anti-bacterial properties, making it naturally deodorising. The combination of antibacterial Kumazasa fibers and breathable washi keeps this beanie feeling fresh in any season.

Crafted in Osaka, it’s soft, light and stylish all year round.

One size fits all.

Hand wash and reshape whilst damp.

Inside materials : 70% washi 30% rayon blend. Outer materials: 100% British Wool.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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