Image of Harimi Dustpan Black

Harimi Dustpan Black


Ideal in combination with our Small Shuro Broom, the Harimi Dustpan is made from folded layers of Japanese Washi paper, stiffened with a bamboo rim and sealed with persimmon juice mixed with the natural earth pigment bengara. Bengara is a traditional colour used in Japanese paints, pottery, and lacquerware.

Unlike dustpans made of plastic, washi does not cause static, so dust comes off easily in to the bin without sticking to the surface. Extremely light, this sleek dustpan will look as good on display as it does in your cleaning closet.

Handmade following ancient traditions of craftsmanship and simplicity by the Takada workshop in Wakayama, Japan.

Not advisable for wet cleaning, as water can remove the antibacterial coating. Approx. 20cm wide.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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