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Japan Life Tenugui

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Tenugui are rectangular shaped cloths made in Japan with a myriad of everyday uses- as a washcloth, towel, headband or for wrapping gifts. Made from 100% cotton, they can be knotted in many ways to create a variety of wraps and bags.

Being washable, tenugui are reusable and environmentally friendly. The long sides are finished with a selvedge whilst the short sides are cut to intentionally fray over time and with washing. This helps them dry quicker.

This tenugui is particularly special: made for us by the Kamawanu atelier in Japan, it is hand-dyed using the Chusen technique which dates back to the Meiji Period more than 100 years ago. Drawing on this refined craft, the print is a playful take on traditional Japanese words, objects and customs.

We think these tenugui are almost too good to use and deserve to be framed as artworks on the wall.

Measures approx. 90cm wide by 33cm high. Frame not included.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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