Image of Snow Monkey Risograph Print

Snow Monkey Risograph Print


This A3 print features the snow monkeys of Jigokudani, as captured by the illustrator Geri Coady.

Jigokudani (地獄谷) is a mountainous and often snowy region of Nagano, Japan. It's known for its large population of snow monkeys. Each morning, these mischievous creatures travel down from the mountains to bathe in the steamy natural hot springs and pinch eggs from the local village Shibu Onsen.

The artwork is printed using the risograph technique, technology developed in Japan in the mid-1980s. The process produces prints with extremely vibrant, crisp inks, and sometimes these inks overlap during the printing process to create interesting and unique details.

Its graphic four-colour print has been inspired by traditional shin-hanga woodblock printing. Each print is signed with a traditional Japanese ‘hanko’ artist stamp.

Unframed. Printed in the UK on heavyweight 100% recycled and FSC recycled certified Context paper.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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