Image of Psychedelic Kitty Seed Collection

Psychedelic Kitty Seed Collection


Feeline high? Hear all the beautiful colours…grow your own Cat-egory A’s to give your kitty friend a good time, plus some cat grass for when they get the munchies. With packaging resembling a storage box your Mum had in the 90’s.

Catamine, Am-feline-amines, Diazepurr, Meowana: all the cool cats are doing it.

Contains one packet each of:

Catnip Plant seeds (this plant induces a positive mood-altering effect in most cats).

Catmint Plant seeds (ditto).

Cat Grass seeds (munching on a bit of this grass aids cats with digestion and battles hair-balls).

Grow your own plants! Featuring artworks by the late, great Louis Wain.

Grow indoors on a sunny windowsill or outdoors in the Spring after the last frost. Use in moderation: those kitties have zero self-control.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

Delivery to UK only

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