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Mini Hachiko Figurine Brown


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- Tissues at the ready -

Hachiko was a loyal Akita hound who, in the 1920s in the city of Odate, would walk himself to the train station every evening and sit and wait for his owner to get off of his commuter train. After receiving a little treat or pat on the head, they would walk home together.

One sad day, Hachiko's owner, an agricultural scientist, suffered a sudden death at work. Grieving and loyal, Hachiko for a further nine years - until his own death - would continue to walk down to the train station every evening (Mon-Fri) and wait for his owner.

Hachiko became something of a media sensation, and was lauded throughout Japan as an example of loyalty to your family and friends, to which we can all aspire.

Around Japan, there is a number of statues of Hachiko sitting patiently at train stations, and now you can have your own small one!

Interestingly this Hachiko is sitting on a secret - a little fortune that can be pulled out from...underneath him. Delightful!

Made in Japan, 5cm tall.

Not a toy.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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