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Diffuser Set: Signature Collection


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A gift of six beautiful room fragrances inspired by Japanese culture.

The scents include one vial each of:

-Sakura, with notes of Oshima-sakura, a variety with a particularly vivid scent. With added rose and muguet it’s a soft, warm, woody fragrance.

-Washi, evoking Japanese paper, natural and crafted while surrounded by the forest. An uplifting and fresh blend to calm the mind and elevate the mood with notes of leather, cardamon, orris, geranium, ylang ylang, hinoki and cedarwood.

-Matcha, evoking a quiet tearoom secluded by dense bamboo forest. This fragrance will make you imagine the warm steam from the kama kettle and the fresh, green aroma of the tea, mingled with the welcoming scent of the tatami mats. With notes of leafy green, tea leaf, jasmine and bamboo.

-Yuki, expressing a chilly winter morning in a Zen rock garden. A comforting blanket of snow and muffled sounds creates a sense of peace and serenity. Stillness with notes of powder snow and floral cotton.

-Kitchibe, inspired by traditional Japanese fragrances. Combining agarwood, particularly prized for its refined scent, to create a relaxing and healing space.

-Yuzu citrus, harvested in the late-autumn chill of November. A sweet yet tart aroma to cut through the cold winter months. A restorative balance of uplifting yuzu, mandarin, geranium, bergamot and jasmine notes.

Simply open a glass vial of the fragrance oil, place a diffuser stick inside, and enjoy the fragrance for several days.

Made by Osaka fragrance company Shiono Koryo, who have been creating scents since 1808.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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