Image of Korean Fig Incense Sticks

Korean Fig Incense Sticks


The culture of burning incense dates back thousands of years in Korea. Different fragrances are believed to reinvigorate, purify your body and calm a stressed mind. When the incense spreads in the air, you share good energy with the people around you.

Based in Seoul, cult brand OIMU have worked with craftsmen using traditional methods to produce incense sticks with refined, subtle scents. Firstly they blend natural ingredients: elm-barks, corn starch, camphor tree, pine resin and fragrance oils. The handmade incense is then left to dry naturally in the wind, and after several months of maturation, OIMU incense is ready.

This fig-scented incense has hints of sweet and fruity notes.

Length of incense sticks: approx. 95mm. Burning time of 15 minutes.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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