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Diffuser Set: Sense Collection

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A gift of six beautiful room fragrances inspired by ephemeral moments.

The scents include two vials each of:

-Aka Fuji, inspired by Hokusai’s famous painting ‘A Mild Breeze of a Fine Day’. With notes of bergamot, eucalyptus, cardamon, jasmine, amber and sandalwood, evoking the freshness and peacefulness of the view.

-Ikebana, inspired by the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Notes of galbanum, tsubaki blossom, grapefruit, violet, musk and cedarwood express the balance between the flower and the space in which it is placed.

-Karesansui, evoking the dry landscape gardens at Zen temples in Japan. A quiet and pure scent to express tranquility and the scent of the air after the rain. With notes of yuzu, muguet, olibanum, amber and sandalwood.

Simply open a glass vial of the fragrance oil, place a diffuser stick inside, and enjoy the fragrance for several days.

Made by Osaka fragrance company Shiono Koryo, who have been creating scents since 1808.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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