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Yuyu Longevity Chopstick Set


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A pair of chopsticks and rest individually handmade by craftsmen at Hyozaemon, Japan. Each set is made from wood and only natural lacquers, meaning they’re safe for everyone to use to eat.

Hyozaemon chopsticks were presented as Japan’s gift to world leaders at the 42nd G7 summit, if you’re into that kinda thing.

Each element of this set is a wish for a long and healthy life, so they’d make a wonderful gift. The sea bream rest is a fish of good luck used for celebrations. The lotus root has holes which allow you to see what’s ahead, making it symbolic of foresight. Black soybeans, they’re a colour to ward off evil. The shrimp represents longevity. And the dried persimmons are a good luck charm, as the kanji for persimmon 柿 is read as ‘come with joy’.

The chopsticks themselves are made from asunaro wood which is light and non-slippery. They have intentionally been carved in a more uneven shape to be easy to grip even for beginners or those with hand-mobility issues.

For longevity we recommend hand washing only. The chopsticks measure approx 23cm long.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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