Image of Blackwood Scoop

Blackwood Scoop


These eye-catching spoons are great for scooping coffee, chutneys, salt, sugar or spices.

They’re carved from sustainably sourced African Blackwood.

They’re handmade in Mtwara, Southern Tanzania by the Makonde Wood Carvers: a group of artisans who are training local, talented people with woodworking skills. The creation of each of these spoons supports job creation and keeps the tradition of wood carving in Mtwara alive.

The Makonde tribe is renowned for their craftsmanship, the carving is all done freehand and then each scoop is sanded to ensure smoothness and enhance the natural grain of the wood.

Approx. 11cm long. To take care of your scoop, hand-wash in lukewarm water and pat dry, don’t leave it to soak. Use a food-safe wax or oil to bring the lustre back after time. The grain and colour of each scoop is as unique as the piece of wood from which it's made and may not exactly match that in the picture.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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