Image of Ihada Muddler Spoon

Ihada Muddler Spoon


A delicate silver and brass spoon for stirring drinks or to scoop up jam. The long handle makes sure that you can reach into any jar.

This stunning collection of handmade utensils is crafted in a Japanese foundry, Futagami, which dates back to the 19th Century. Forged using a sand-casting technique, the brass is left with a raw, crude ‘Ihada’ texture, adding to the piece's overall character. Ihada castings also stand as a testament to the skill of their maker, for there is no disguising imperfections beneath an applied after-finish. Designed within the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-sabi, this piece will develop a beautiful warm patina with age and use.

Made using finely ground silver plate for the head (for a better feeling and taste in the mouth) and solid cast brass for the handle.

Comes gift boxed.

Measures approx. 23cm long and comes with care instructions.

Presented wrapped in a gift box and tissue paper.

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