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Mindfulness Tea Set


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A beautiful and unusual selection of teas, handpicked at small tea farms in Boseong and Hadong, Korea, to aid with mindfulness during the day.


First Sparrow green tea, made from fresh green tea leaves picked at the peak of Spring. Green tea leaves are said to resemble the tongue of a sparrow bird in Korea. Full umami, chestnut and citrus flavour with sweetness to finish. Good for awakening in the morning.

Magnolia Blossom Petal tea. When infused these magnolia petals turn the water a distinct, bright yellow colour. Their flavour is delicately flowery, with notes of spice and orange and a strong, sweet aftertaste. Great for moments that require increased focus during the day.

Persimmon Leaf tea, naturally sweet with the flavour of persimmon. Good to ease the mind and body for restful sleep in the evening.

From Be-Oom, meaning ‘to empty’ in Korean. Traditionally in Korea, tea is key to meditation and mindfulness: take a moment in everyday life to drink some tea, empty the cup and find peace and quiet.

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