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Warosoku Candle Set


These warosoku (Japanese candles) have been made for us by hand in the Daiyo atelier in Shiga, Japan, using traditional methods dating back to 1914.

Fit best with our Enso candle holders.

The candlemakers use a technique called 'tegake-seiho'. The wick is first made by wrapping a dried reed around a washi paper cylinder, which gives the candle a tall intense flame with minimal smoke. They then build up the candle by rotating the body whilst smoothing over hot wax in layers, before finally shaping the top.

Only a handful of craftspeople can use this method since it takes years to master, and only a small number of candles can be produced in a day.

Made from natural rice wax dyed in fun colours, these candles burn brightly and steadily, without excess dripping.

Each candle radiates a soft, warm glow into the home, the perfect lighting for the dinner table, tea ceremonies, yoga and peaceful moments.

Contains 10 pieces, each approx. 45mm tall and with a burn time of 15 minutes. Just the time to enjoy a cup of coffee, or listen to some of your favourite music.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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