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Japanese Grill Gift Set

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Your kit to get going on the cooking. Wrapped in the style of a traditional Japanese rice bag, the set includes:

-A Japanese maekake apron. The traditional Japanese apron or 'maekake' is ingrained into Japanese culture, and has been since as far back as the Edo period. Woven from heavyweight cotton, maekake were historically worn by staff at small manufacturers, stores and breweries throughout the country due to their durability. Worn around the front of the body and tied at the hips, they’re now making a comeback with a resurging appreciation for Japanese utilitarian and workwear design. This style is sewn with a useful front pocket.

-Hakata sea salt. This sun-dried salt from the shores of Mexico and Australia has been rehydrated with Japanese sea water and dehydrated again; a process that refines the salt and gives it a soft, mild flavour. This salt makes a great seasoning for fish, steak, tempura and salad dishes.

-A Kanaya Brush wire brush, made from iron and tough pig hair, for cleaning up afterwards. Established in 1914 in Tokyo’s Asakusa district, Kanaya Brush has built a reputation as an expert in the field of brush making.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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