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Olive Green Pouring Bowl


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Olive green contrasted with raw, earthy, scorched clay. A table show-stopper, our woodfired pouring bowls would make a lovely gift for someone who likes to celebrate their food.

The unusual firing in a wood kiln gives the bowl its earthy, scorched colour and tactile, raw-grained surface. Using this bowl you can both mix and pour spill-free with one piece of crockery, and it's beautiful enough to be presented on the table for sauces or pancake batter.

Each piece when it comes out of the kiln has subtle differences in flashing, light ash deposits and glaze, all dependent on how the flame has passed by and between the work.

Crafted by veteran potter Andrew Pentland in the UK.

Measures approx. 19 cm across including spout. Designed to be used daily, the bowl is dishwasher safe but to keep it at its best we recommended that you hand-wash after use.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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