Image of Akinokure Tokkhuri: Kintsugi Edition

Akinokure Tokkhuri: Kintsugi Edition


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A single stem vase. Powdered pink and misty white glazes intermingle, just like akinokure (秋のくれ) or autumn twilight.

It's been crafted for us by Japanese ceramicist Isao Kimura of the Rising Kiln. Based in a mountain pottery overlooking the forests of Saitama, Isao's work is inspired by the earth and sea, volcanoes, fire and sky.

Veteran potter Isao is renowned for his innovative glazes, working in the Oribe style and embracing eccentricity. Organic shapes and unusual piercing of the glaze and characterise the work. Individually handcrafted, each piece is absolutely one-of-a-kind.

European exclusive.

This piece had received a slight chip to the rim which we have had repaired using kintsugi. Whilst a larger vase than some of our other tokkhuri, this is reflected in the price. Please note that such kintsugi pieces are not food-safe and are decorative only.

Measures approx. 14cm tall.

For longevity we recommend that you hand wash the piece. Japanese pottery such as this usually has tiny crevices on the surface, which absorb oil and food. It’s usual to enjoy the piece changing as it ages, wabi-sabi of sorts. But if you prefer, use the ‘medome’ technique- presoaking in hot rice water before the first use- to prevent stains.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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