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Hill House 1 Chair Model Kit


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Launch your own Miniature Design Museum, starting with this 1:16 scale paper model of the iconic Hill House 1 Chair. Cut out and construct your first Mackintosh acquisition, to display within its complementary paper interior. The diorama also looks wowsers set within a vitrine.

Designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1904 and formed from stained ash, the original Hill House chair was not made for sitting on but rather as a sculptural and decorative device, intended to create a dramatic silhouette against white walls. The design was a significant shift from the more feminine Art Nouveau forms for which Mackintosh was then known, towards a more linear and modernist style, undoubtedly influenced by Japanese art and architecture.

The paper kit has been designed by Tomoko Azumi and printed by the Fukunaga Shiko paper fabricator in West Tokyo.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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