Image of Crumb Brush: Spalted Beech & Indigo Tampico

Crumb Brush: Spalted Beech & Indigo Tampico


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A classic tabletop brush handcrafted in Norfolk by Ewen of Slow Made Goods, too beautiful to hide underneath the sink.

Crafted from salvaged beech wood, sourced in the UK, nothing is allowed to go to waste in the making of these brushes. The tampico makes for a softer bristle: suitable for crumb brushing, brushing clothes, dusting plant leaves, or sweeping down desks and kitchen surfaces.

The bristles of this brush are particularly special: they’re hand dyed in Norfolk using natural indigo.

Each brush is cut from a different piece of the wood which makes it absolutely one-of-a-kind.

Measures approx. 13cm tall. For longevity, don’t leave to soak in water. Take care of your brush by re-treating the wood from time to time with a food-safe wax or oil. (But no need for that posh extra-virgin olive oil stuff).

Presented in a cotton pouch.

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