Image of Muscat Wine Dyed Bathroom Towel

Muscat Wine Dyed Bathroom Towel


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Booze lovers rejoice!

A pure cotton towel woven by heritage manufacturers Fukuroya Towel, who have been making towels in Osaka since 1926.

It’s been naturally dyed with the remnants from wine production in Kawachi (a Muscat Berry-A dontcha know) that would otherwise have gone to waste.

These deep hues can only be found after the final stage of wine production- Mother Nature certainly leaves the best for last. So these towels have the nickname ‘nokori-fuku’ or ‘the remaining fortune’.

Compared to conventional natural dyeing, which has a tendency to fade, Fukuroya dip their cotton in the dye several times, so the colour remains vibrant after washing.

The result is a super fluffy towel with higher grade water absorption and rich colour.

Measures approx. 33 x 90cm. 100% cotton. Machine wash with similar colours.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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