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Forest Pines Eye Pillow


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‘Shinrin-yoku’ means ‘forest bathing’, and refers to walking through the forest and soaking in all the restorative green light. It's encapsulated in these beautiful eye pillow kits, made in Japan.

Each pillow comes gift-boxed with an accompanying aroma spray. The scent of the forest is carried with a combination of natural essential oils and hydrosols taken from cedar, cypress and Kuromoji trees in the Yabakei forest.

The washi fabric cover is made in Japan from Hinoki wood trimmings, which would otherwise go to waste when the forest is thinned, and features a watercolour illustration by Momoe Kondo. Filled with organic Japanese azuki beans.

Spray (and heat if you wish) for relaxation or yoga, and feel the calm of the forest.

Care and use instructions included. Heat if necessary in the microwave in 10 second increments. The cover can be hand-washed.

Presented in a gift box and tissue paper.

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