Image of Craft Beer Dyed Bathroom Towel

Craft Beer Dyed Bathroom Towel


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Booze lovers rejoice!

A pure cotton towel woven by heritage manufacturers Fukuroya Towel, who have been making towels in Osaka since 1926.

It’s been naturally dyed with the remnants from craft beer production at a brewery in Chuo-ku, Osaka, that would have otherwise gone to waste.

These deep hues can only be found after the final stage of beer production- Mother Nature certainly leaves the best for last. So these towels have the nickname ‘nokori-fuku’ or ‘the remaining fortune’.

Compared to conventional natural dyeing, which has a tendency to fade, Fukuroya dip their cotton in the dye several times, so the colour remains vibrant after washing.

The result is a super fluffy towel with higher grade water absorption and rich colour.

Measures approx. 90x33cm. 100% cotton. Machine wash with similar colours.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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