Image of Yukigegawa Gold Ring

Yukigegawa Gold Ring


An absolutely one-of-a-kind piece of precious jewellery, created by the Nozomi Project, Japan.

‘Nozomi’ means 'hope' in Japanese. Founded in the wake of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, the Nozomi Project is a social enterprise based in Ishinomaki which employs and trains local people in the craft of jewellery making.

Each piece embraces the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi: there is beauty to be found in the broken. Pottery smashed in the earthquake is given a new lease of life, transformed by the artisans into charms for stunning and unique pieces of jewellery.

The charm of this ring is crafted from pattern china, the band is 24k gold plated. The band is easily adjustable for size.

‘Yukigegawa’ means ‘river with melting snow’ in Japanese.

Presented in a gift box

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