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Washi Slippers Camel Large


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A pair of room shoes is an essential part of every Japanese home.

We’ve found this minimalist unisex pair made from absorbent washi (Japanese paper) threads woven with antibacterial Kumazasa plant fibers. While paper is considered a disposable material in many Western societies, washi is revered in Japan for its durability and strength. Natural and gentle to skin, washi is super absorbant, with twice the absorbency of cotton, meaning your feet stay dry.

Meanwhile the Kumazasa plant has been prized for centuries for its beneficial anti-bacterial properties, making it naturally deodorising. The combination of antibacterial Kumazasa fibers and breathable washi keeps these room shoes feeling fresh and comfortable in any season.

Crafted in Osaka in a soft, light, slip-on style.

Fits European shoe size 40-43. Wide roomy fit (extra comfy and roomy enough for socks). Polyester sole. Machine wash in a laundry net at 30 degrees. Do not tumble dry.

Presented in a cotton shoe bag.

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