Sashiko Bag


A large, flat zipper bag to carry your everyday essentials, sewn from sashiko fabric.

Suitable also as a heavy-duty wash bag.

Sashiko (meaning ‘little stabs’) originated as a utilitarian material in Japan: fabric was strengthened with stitches to reinforce points of wear and extend the life of a garment. Practical, honest and beautiful.

This sashiko fabric has been embroidered on a traditional loom by renowned studio Miwa Orimono, the only company in Japan that has kept this special jacquard machine from the 1940s. These machines are so intricate, they stitch only one meter of fabric per hour.

These bags are made from Miwa Orimono cotton and sewn in Portland, USA. They’re finished with a brass zipper and fully lined with contrasting striped canvas.

Measures approx. 26cm wide. As each piece is unique the stitching pattern may vary slightly from that in the image.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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