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Japanese Daily Compression Socks Medium


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Compression socks so snuggly yet rugged you’re going to want to marry them, go on a walking honeymoon somewhere cold and have fluffy little sock babies together.

They’re made by Syn Project in Nagano, Japan. This mountainous region has a rich history of walking trails, going back to the Samurai Nakasendo Trail, the main hiking route from Edo Tokyo over to Kyoto.

This history is sewn into every pair, embracing the brand’s philosophy of connecting with nature. Using centuries of walking wisdom, they’re designed and woven to expertly wrap and support the foot.

This style is designed to optimise comfort and minimise foot fatigue in everyday life: constructed from woven cotton which wraps the foot from ankle to calf to help improve blood flow and relieve tired legs. Magnets sewn into the sole are said to promote blood circulation, much like stimulating acupuncture points.

Feet size flexible, approx. 24-26cm or UK 5 to 7.5. Made in Japan. Materials: 70% cotton, 20% polyester, 9% polyurethane, 1% nylon. Machine washable.

Compression levels: ankle 25hpa / calf 20hpa / thigh 15hpa. Sorry pals- don’t wear if you use medical equipment which may be affected by magnetism e.g. a pacemaker. Since the socks compress, consult your doctor before wearing if you have a sprain, vascular or circulatory disease, skin infection, tumour, or are in early pregnancy, immediately after childbirth, or other health condition. Just to be on the safe side.

Presented wrapped in a gift box and tissue paper.

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