Image of Mitsuya Cider Vintage Advertising Poster

Mitsuya Cider Vintage Advertising Poster


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Prewar Japanese posters: some of the most beautiful adverts ever made. In the early 20th Century, when the Japanese advertising industry needed an image, it would be painted by hand.

This nostalgic print is a reproduction of an original vintage Mitsuya Cider advertising poster. Created in 1884, Mitsuya Cider is a Japanese carbonated soft drink. It’s not alcoholic like its Western namesake, rather this cider is flavoured somewhere between a Sprite and a Ginger Ale, with additional flavours such as lemon, melon mikan, grape and peach.

The logo remains the same today and these old style metal bottles are still sold in vending machines and convenience stores for customers who prefer the old-school packaging.

FUN FACT: following a long line of celebrities who are Big in Japan, Lancashire’s own Rick Astley was the face of the Mitsuya Cider brand in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Fine art giclée print. Printed with archival pigment inks on 240gsm matte art paper. A reproduction of the original image. A2 size. Unframed.

Presented in a poster tube.

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