Image of Ikebukuro Metro Station Print

Ikebukuro Metro Station Print


A supersize poster designed as part of the YamanoteYamanote project, to mark all 30 stations on Tokyo’s Yamanote Line.

This Japanese B2 print features the stop for Ikebukuro. Besides awesome noodle bars hidden away on fourth-floor walk ups, it’s known for its owl culture. It’s a play on words: “bukuro” (ぶくろ) sounds like “fukurō” (ふくろう), which means “owl” in Japanese. You’ll find owl sculptures dotted around, a police box designed in the shape of an owl, owl-shaped biscuits and even the occasional real owl flying around. The owls of Ikebukuro aka Ikefukuro - they’re thought to bring good luck!

Japanese B2 size (515 mm x 728 mm). An offset print on matt coated 135gsm paper. Unframed.

Presented in a poster tube.

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