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Uchiwa Danzome Indigo Fan


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A traditional Japanese Uchiwa style fan, crafted from bamboo and washi paper and hand-dyed by the master artisans of Awagami. The Awagami paper mill in Tokushima, Japan, is perfectly located for paper production and indigo dyeing, set within a valley of rolling mountains next to the Kawata river. Each fan is made by hand using only natural washi paper fibres, organic indigo, bamboo and traditional techniques going back over 200 years and eight generations.

These fans have a number of decorative bamboo ‘ribs’, seen as a sign of luxury which sets them apart from a fan with a solid handle. The paper is dyed using the danzome process, creating different shades by altering the time steeped in the dye vat. Since they are hand-dyed, each fan will have a slight variation in pattern and colour, making it unique.

Use to cool down in summer or as a lovely decorative piece of art for the wall. Uchiwa fans have historically been used in Japanese daily life and as a finishing touch for a yukata (a type of kimono worn in the summer).

Measures approx. 30cm wide.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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