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Japanese Indigo Washi Tray

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A handmade tray by the master artisans of Awagami, collaged from a variety of indigo-dyed and natural kozo washi papers. The Awagami paper mill in Tokushima, Japan, is perfectly located for paper production and indigo dyeing, set within a valley of rolling mountains next to the Kawata river. Each tray is made by hand using only natural fibres and traditional techniques going back over 200 years and eight generations.

Awagami’s reputation makes them the go-to for artists internationally- you can see Awagami washi papers in works by Chuck Close, Richard Serra, Frank Stella, Yu Youhan and Ding Yi.

Washi paper is environmentally sustainable and whilst thinner than Western papers is actually incredibly strong and resilient. These trays are rigid and coated for extra strength and are suitable for pens, coins, watches and stationery or even hung for display on the wall.

Measures approx. 21cm long.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

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