Image of Kuromoji Aroma Spray

Kuromoji Aroma Spray


Soothe your soul with the fragrance of the forest.

This room mist is made from pure Kuromoji water, extracted from Japanese Kuromoji leaves in Tenkawa Village. Free of chemicals and synthetic fragrances, it’s kind to the earth and can be used safely even in spaces with children and pets.

‘Shinrin-yoku’ is the Japanese practice of ‘forest bathing’: walking through the forest and soaking in all the restorative green light. Finding quiet amongst the trees and observing nature has been shown to reduce stress and boost wellbeing.

The spicy sweet scent of Kuromoji has been used for centuries to calm the mind and release tension: historically it was said to have healed travellers walking through the mountain, and became known as ‘a tree that heals fatigue’. Use as a spray in the home or in the bedroom for a deep sleep: its comforting fragrance carries you away to the calm of the forest.

50 ml.

Gift wrapped in tissue paper

Delivery to UK only

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