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Jusan-ya Naginata Boxwood Comb


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A special comb handmade in Kyoto from Japanese boxwood, just like in famous Japanese ukiyo-e prints. Traditional combs such as this have been used by men and women in Japan for centuries, often used to create elaborate nihongami hairdos for the geiko and kabuki actors of traditional Japanese entertainment scenes and by the hairdressers of sumo.

This style of comb is known as ‘naginata’. The name refers to the swordlike blade and long pole handle. It’s used to make fine adjustments to a hairstyle anywhere on the head.

It’s been made by the craftsmen of Jusan-ya, established in 1875 and one of the few remaining boxwood comb producers in Japan. It’s rare to find a comb shop in Japan which first grows the trees and then creates the combs from start to finish.

Each comb takes 40 years: the boxwood takes 30 years to grow big enough, then the timber is cut, dried, cured and smoked for another ten years. It makes for a strong comb with straight teeth. Boxwood combs are also resistant to static electricity and gentle on the hair and scalp, increasing the lustre of hair with use.

It’s then a meticulous process of carving: individually measuring and sawing the teeth by hand- this stage is called habiki- then filing (hazuki) before polishing and buffing.

The amber wood will deepen with age. You can use it for combing hair of course, but they’re beautiful enough to be used as a hair ornament or even as a decorative piece on the wall.

Measures approx. 20cm long.

Caring for your comb: please don’t get this comb wet or use it to comb wet hair, as it will warp the wood. Instead polish with oil (camellia or olive oil) every month for longevity.

Presented in a cotton pouch

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